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May5th, 2014

Getting ready for the 2014 50th reunion. If you're near, help on the reunion team; if you're far, you can help too. Call or contact Joy and see if there are things you can do remotely for the celebration in September. You can also get on the phone or Internet and try to find all our classmates that may be missing from the group. You may be able to make up some favors or decorations and bring them to the events; you may be able to assemble some photos of our  high school days so we can post them on the website. Help in any way you can. Be involved, take some action and you will feel great about it too. Add some photos to the facebook page (see below). have fun, make you reservations and get ready for a blast in September.



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September 29, 2009

our 45th REUNION! Wow, what a happening!
...it was
Friday, October 2, 3, and 4th, 2009

It began on Friday around 7:00 pm at the at the Wool Street Grill in Cary and then on Saturday evening at the swank Inverness Country Club with dinner and dancing and then after partying the night away they met for a relaxed Brunch on Sunday morning at the gorgeous Biltmore Country Club.

More photos soon.

2009 Class of 64 45th Reunion Committee

We had a great line-up of FUN planned and it was the best reunion yet.

Hey Planning TEAM, YOU ROCK!


This is a great video produce by some students at BHS for a GMVideo contest.

This Town Video Contest Video respectfully submitted by the video production students of Barrington High School, Barrington Illinois, and their teacher Jeff Doles.

Summer of 2009
Our distinguished classmate ...

Henry M. Paulson Jr.
Henry Merritt "Hank" Paulson Jr. (born March 28, 1946) served as the 74th United States Treasury Secretary and is a member of the International Monetary Fund Board of Governors and a member of the Alumni Class of 1964 from Barrington High School, Barrington, Illinois

Hank in '64

.Link to the rest of the story ... from Wikipedia

How did we end up with his tenior as Treasury Secretary? This is a good article from a Wall Street Journal article posted last month:
It’s Time to Enshrine Hank Paulson as National Hero


November 16th, 2004: Sharon (Huss) Nightengale passes away:  Memorial Page click here

Well it's history; The 40th Reunion is all over...We're waiting for the candid pictures form the reunion fun and we'll get them up here as quick as we can... some are here and up click here .

Joy just emailed me this description; thought you'd like to hear the quick news about the reunion:

  • " There were smiles on everyone's faces including most spouses by the end of the weekend.  We had about 70 at the Sunday brunch, 104 at the Sat dinner dance, and about 90 on Fri night.  The parade was a hoot.  Barb Putta and Carol Gerhardt dressup like 90 year old homecoming queens and rode on Sharon Wilson Woods convertible.  Cookie Rollo walked on his hands.  The rest of us walked or rode on the haywagon."  Joy   

Willie's (Sharyn Wilson Woods) Synopsis of the weekend... Click Here

  Got an email from the Polynesian islands and a picture from Greg Luke soaking up some sun in paradise. click here

Dateline July 30th 2004...New to the web site are Class of '64 Yearbook photos. Check 'em out! on the Our Class page. Just click on the button to the left or the link and see your photo or your friends. It's really a hoot to look back.

We still need to find our pals..for future news and updates for our next reunion so please look at the Lost List over and see if you can contact some of our classmates. LOST LIST click here

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